Your Colour – Your Choice

Choosing fabric for your soft furnishings can be a bit of a nightmare – you could look online, or find a fabric shop (lucky you if you find one of those!), or you could sift through loads of fabric samples in a curtain department, hoping to find something you hope will match your decor.

It’s always seemed strange how difficult it is to access fabrics, which are a big investment, but easy to find paint colours and samples virtually anywhere. It may take a few tester pots of emulsion before you decide – but for very little money you can try out colours around your home and spend days or weeks mulling over your choice.

Imagine – if only you could choose your fabric and be sure it would co ordinate with your paint……..

………now you can. With access to paint colour codes we can create fabric in your choice of colour, whether you want it to match your walls, be darker or lighter, or be an accurate accent colour.

These designs can be customised for colour, more coming soon.

Colour matched fabric to paint Dulux ‘Fossil Hunting’ and ‘Sorbet’

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