Project Gallery

Nursery Chair

This project involved creating a stripy fabric to match the colours of the nursery wallpaper and recovering a chair with a loose cover. We chose yellow, grey, red and blue stripes on a neutral background. The fabric was soft canvas from Woven Monkey, which is a sublimation dyed synthetic suitable for light upholstery. As a nursery fabric it is ideal – it is easy to launder, the colour won’t fade and there won’t be any shrinkage so the cover can be washed and replaced again and again, no matter how many little accidents happen!

Fabric designed to co ordinate with the existing wallpaper.
Here’s the chair – just a high street brand looking a little tired and needing a new lease of life in time for the new baby…
….and here’s the finished chair – the cover is loose, just held by velcro on the underside.

Bespoke Cushions

Bespoke cushion for beachside holiday home.
This design was created for a beach holiday home. The colours and scale are accentuated by the lone figure.

Bespoke Roller Blind

When it’s wet and cold outside and you still want to see the view in the sunshine from the kitchen window…..

….bespoke roller blind stiffened and protected from splashes with waterproof PVA. Printed on half panama by Woven Monkey.

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